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No free returns on reduced goods or B-stock!

Occasionally we have customer returns or products with minor mistakes and do not want to throw them away because we want to use the textiles in a way that conserves resources. Sometimes we show the products as "offers" - but often we don't have the time for the setup into the shop.
If you are looking for a cheaper offers and are willing to accept small faults (for example, the packing sack for sleeping bags is often not uniform enough for us or products are slightly crumpled up by a return), simply contact us with your request, very often something can be found for a cheaper one Find price.

Current: Mosquito jacket as B-stock (the hood is a bit too small).

Usual discounts on other items that no longer meet our guidelines (2nd choice):
Tropical sleeping bags - € 10.00
Hut sleeping bags - € 5.00
Mosquito jackets - € 5.00
If you are interested, send us an email to nomaquito (at) with your product request, we will then make you an offer.
Payment options via cash in advance or PayPal payment link by email.
Zipper Chain

Sold by the meter zipper chain brand QLQ (good Chinese quality) 0,5 € Price/meter Negotiable basis depending on the purchase quantity approx. 3000 m available. Sleeping bag production is sold cheaply because production is now done differently.

0,50 EUR
0,50 EUR per m
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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