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100 ml
  • Tropic Euka insect protection 30% DEET keeps annoying pests away!
  • EFFECT: Tropic Euka insect protection provides reliable protection against mosquitoes, brakes and ticks for up to 6 hours even in tropical regions. It cools, refreshes and smells slightly aromatic of eucalyptus and lemon. Aloe vera cares for the skin and prevents the typical "getting dry" with conventional skin sprays with the active ingredient DEET.
    Due to their smell and taste, the two components DEET + Eucalyptus citriodora oil permanently repell insects of their desire to “Bite”.
  • APPLICATION: Apply eucalyptus insect repellent evenly to unclothed skin areas. Do not spray under or on clothing. Spray on the palm of the hand for application and then spread over the face. Be careful around the eyes and lips.
  • Warning: Use insect repellent safely. Always read the label and product information before use. BauA N-7946
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50,00 EUR per /l
Zipper Chain

Sold by the meter zipper chain brand QLQ (good Chinese quality) 0,5 € Price/meter Negotiable basis depending on the purchase quantity approx. 3000 m available. Sleeping bag production is sold cheaply because production is now done differently.

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0,50 EUR per m