About us

NOMAQUITO was founded in 2010. We are a small family business and are located in Gailingen on the upper Rhine, just where the Rhine comes out from Lake Constance, and we are almost surrounded by Switzerland!

Our company is divided into 2 parts:
1. Travel + Outdoor
2. Trekking + Safari

Travel + outdoor
At the beginning, we focused on insect protection using LLI (long-lasting insecticidal net) mosquito nets, an impregnation that keeps insects out and paralyzes them after prolonged contact.
Our bestselling tropical sleeping bag was our first product. In 2011 we supplemented the range with mosquito net jackets and in 2012 with hut sleeping bags (without insect protection) - simply because the sleeping bag concept of the tropical sleeping bag was so convincing.
The XXL tropical sleeping bag followed in 2013 and we started selling the nets we used directly. This was followed by the children's hut sleeping bag Nomakid and in 2014 the XXL hut sleeping bag.
The practical aspect is most important of all our products. Lightweight, but stable. Small pack size, but without a fight. The products are sewn by Hungarian seamstresses, so we can also manufacture customized products. We are happy to grant discounts to clubs and school classes and can also offer custom-made products. Just contact us! We now deliver to Spain, Italy, England, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland and of course Germany. We hope that things continue to go well and that we can continue to walk with the big dogs for a while as a small underdog.

Trekking + Safari
Tour operators asked us if we could offer their trekking tours and safaris. We found a solution and have had a constantly growing range of trekking tours and safaris since 2017. At the moment the platform is down due to technical issues, but we show from time to time posts from firends in our newsblog.

Owner / CEO

Matthias Kaufmann is responsible for almost everything except production. Short career: MA Sinology, Philosophy, Religious studies, foreign trade, sales manager, game inventor and company founder.


We currently manufacture with the company Nakon, based in Schweinfurt and the Czech Republic. The collaboration with the Zauberfaden in Schorndorf, see above, ended in the summer. Nomaquito distances itself from the practices there, which we only became aware of through Google reviews in October. In addition to promised but not fulfilled deliveries, the magic thread also owes us money that we politely paid before delivery. We are currently looking for a permanent solution for our products.


In Gailingen on the upper Rhine almost surrounded by Switzerland. On nice days the Rhine invites you to swim with its fresh and clear water. At work, the view from the office with Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau. Of course we also know rain and especially fog!