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Producer of sleeping bags – tropical with integrated mosquito net, 
liners and kids liners, mosquito jackets, insect protection and aqua shoes.
Also in the shop the LLI net fabric which we use for our products.  
Bigger groups like school classes, clubs ... we offer special conditions.
Please contact us as early as possible!

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Dear Travelers around the world here we offer our products only to the European market, but on request we can ship them to almost every country in the world, please ask for a quote. In most of the cases prices (including transport and VAT reduction) remain similar compared to the European prices.

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Our advice

Zipper Chain

Sold by the meter zipper chain brand QLQ (good Chinese quality) 0,5 € Price/meter Negotiable basis depending on the purchase quantity approx. 3000 m available. Sleeping bag production is sold cheaply because production is now done differently.

0,50 EUR
0,50 EUR per m
100 ml
  • Eucalyptus insect protection keeps annoying insects away!
  • EFFECT: Eucalyptus insect protection protects against mosquitoes, brakes and ticks for up to 4 hours. Eucalyptus insect repellent is free of preservatives and smells aromatic of lemon and eucalyptus, is also skin-friendly, cool and refreshing.
  • The active ingredient Eucalyptus citriodora oil, hydrated, cyclized is obtained from the tree of the same name from cultivation areas in Asia and Australia. The smell / taste of the active ingredient disguises the insects' desire to “STICK”.
  • Application: Apply eucalyptus insect to unclothed skin. Be careful around the eyes. Use only externally. If the effect wears off or after 4 hours, please repeat the application.
    2 caps = double security against accidental spraying or leakage. The 100 ml bottle fits in every backpack and handbag.
  • Warning: Use insect repellent safely. Always read the label and product information before use BauA N-85724
6,90 EUR
69,00 EUR per /l
Nomaquito fair and eco! Logical!
We dispatch the products in the shop without plastics!
2% of the shops turnover we donate to Hilfe für Syabru e.V. (Nepal).
A private initiative of our village Gailingen am Hochrhein. 


 VAT:  Gruezi Dear Neighbours!

Important! The EU made the decission that starting from 01.07. sales from online shops must be charged with the local VAT rate of the respective country of the buyer. Our shop shows the German VAT until you log in with your address, then the VAT will be adjusted to your country. For example, for Austria to 20% instead of the German 19%.

From our office we have a direct view to Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, to the Rhine and the Swiss boarder we have about 500m. In the past we dispatched to Switzerland duty paid with reduced taxes and the PostCH! but due to changes of Swiss customs our administrative work for this became too much. So we decided to dispatch to Switzerland by DHL without custom clearance. To pick the goods in our office is possible but including German VAT. New: Amazon started to dispatch some of our products to Switzerland, it might be useful to check their conditions!
Distributors, Guides, Hostels
Dear Distributors, just contact us for our price lists. We offer good conditions maybe also for your country.